Improved indoor climate with --Skamo--Wall


The SkamoWall inside insulation system is the answer to recurrent challenges with dampness, moisture, mold, or bad indoor climate.

You can prevent or eliminate these challenges once and for all by mounting the all in one SkamoWall system in your home.

Regulate damp problems and eliminate mold with --Skamo--Wall

Regulates damp problems

Eliminates mold

Simple and reliable inside insulation systems

Improve your indoor climate and regulate dampness in your home with an all in one SkamoWall insulation system. Skamol's all in one systems features system-specific products which make the system easy to mount. 

SkamoWall prevents and eliminates dampness, the formation of mold, bad odor, improves your indoor climate, and is easy and fast to mount.


What is all in one systems?

All in one covers what Skamol delivers. All in one means a complete insulation system from Skamol where every product needed for mounting is included in the system. SkamoWall is an inside insulation system with system-specific products. The products are easy and simple to handle for both professionals and DIYs. Mounting instructions are available under Download.

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