About Skamol


Skamol is one of the leading suppliers of specialty insulation systems within building and industry.

With Skamol's insulation systems, the objective is to add value for our partners, customers, and to the environment.

Experts in specialty insulation systems

Skamol was founded in 1912 in Denmark and delivers specialty insulation systems globally within two main fields: build and industry.

With our four factories placed in Denmark and Poland we dominate the market of specialty insulation systems.

SkamoWall is a ground-breaking inside insulation systems for houses and buildings.


Skilled insulation counseling

Besides having massive and advanced production machinery, Skamol employees experts with comprehensive knowledge about the system's qualities, performance, application, and mounting. This means that Skamol provides technical counseling to our customers and partners. By mounting our unique wall-systems, you will experience the benefits of energy savings, improved working and living indoor climate and reduced CO2 emissions.


Front edge development of effective inside insulation system

Skamol is a company, on the front edge of research and system development, as well as new techniques and technologies for internal insulation systems. Our production plants are kept up-to-date to ensure continuously high system quality – a vital attribute for our customers and partners.

Listening closely to specific customer queries and general market demands, we develop new specialty insulation systems with new properties.


--Skamo--Wall is environmental-friendly

The specialty insulation system has a positive impact on the environment. This means that we help our customers improve their carbon footprint and support a green profile by reducing CO2 emissions.

In our production and development, we seek to minimize waste quantities, identify, and rethink new areas with potential for use and recycling. As an example, we have succeeded in using surplus heat from one of our plants to provide cheaper heating of houses in the local community.

We see legal requirements as a minimum standard, and will typically go above and beyond our duty in protecting the environment, health and safety.

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