Prescription text


Below is a short description if you want to prescribe SkamoWall Basic in your project.

General information

The material to be used for interior insulation must be made of the capillary active material, calcium silicate. The material must have a neutral grey shade.


Calcium silicate production

The calcium silicate must be supplied in pressed boards measuring 1,000 × 610 mm with a density (EN 1602) of 225 kg/m³.

Tolerances on the length, width and thickness of the plates cannot exceed ±2.5 mm.


Calcium silicate

The calcium silicate must meet a number of parameters for the internal insulation:

  • It must contain no quartz for the sake of the working environment
  • The moisture-regulating property, water vapour diffusion (EN 12086), μ value cannot exceed 3
  • Sound absorbing performance, sound reduction index Rw value for a 25mm board must be at least 25 (-2;-4) dB
  • Density, or pressure resistance, must be at least 1,500 kPa
  • Thermal performance, thermal conductivity (EN 12667), λ50value, maximum 0.068 W/m²K

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