A simple, reliable and effective inside insulation system


Insulation of walls from the inside has been described in many variations: internal insulation, inner wall insulation, insulating internal walls, insulation board, calcium silicate, etc.

At Skamol we call our inside insulation system for SkamoWall Basic. 

SkamoWall Basic is a complete system with the calcium silicate board as the central element. Handling and mounting SkamoWall Basic is simple. Mounting guides and a mounting video are available.


--Skamo--Wall Basic is easy to mount

 SkamoWall Basic is easily mounted when the mounting process is followed correctly:

  • Clean off mold and other organic materials from the wall.

  • Apply SkamoWall Basic Adhesive on the wall and mount SkamoWall Basic Board.

  • If necessary, apply SkamoWall Basic Corner and SkamoWall Basic Mesh.

  • Plaster the wall with the SkamoWall Basic Smooth Plaster or Skamol Structural Plaster.


See how easy it is to mount here.


Improved indoor climate

From a cold and humid room to a warm and habitable home with an improved indoor climate.

SkamoWall Basic is the solution for those who have issues with damp and mold. This is the intelligent insulation system regulates dampness and eliminates mold while making your home habitable.


Unique qualities of --Skamo--Wall Basic

  • Damp regulating.

  • Eliminates mold.

  • Protects against fire.

  • Insulates

  • Easy and fast mounting.

  • Improves indoor climate.

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