Basement dampness issues


Numerous people experience issues with humid basements in their houses, and we have also experienced an increasing issue in public buildings.

Dampness often occurs on inner walls, and if this issue is not processed correctly it develops to mold later on.

The most common and effective way to eliminate damp on inner walls is to re-insulate. To effectively eliminate damp in your home we recommend mounting SkamoWall. SkamoWall insulates your inner walls, absorbs dampness, eliminates mold development, removes bad odor, and improve the indoor climate.

SkamoWall is a unique internal insulation system, which prevents damp and mold. The most central part of the system is the calcium silicate board, SkamoWall Board, which can absorb dampness and emit it again as vapor when the room is vented. SkamoWall ensures a dry, habitable, and comfortable indoor climate in your basement.

When SkamoWall Board is mounted on the wall, it can absorb damp and emit it into the room again. The dampness is absorbed by SkamoWall Board due to the board's high capillary effect.

With the inside insulation system SkamoWall, you have taken an important step toward a dampness-free room. With this system, you still need to ventilate your room.

Do you wish to increase the value of your house and have a basement without dampness issues?

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