All in one inside insulation system


SkamoWall is a complete system for inside insulation. The focal point of the systems is the SkamoWall Board, which is made of calcium silicate. The additional system-specific products must be used when mounting.

--Skamo--Wall qualities

  • Damp regulating
    SkamoWall Basic has a high capillary effect. This means that the damp is moved from the cold side of the wall to the hot side where it evaporates into the room.

  • Prevents mold
    The Technological Institute has tested the system’s ability to prevent the growth of mold. There was no indication of the growth of mold on the surface seven weeks after SkamoWall had been mounted.

  • Insulates
    SkamoWall reduces energy consumption by up to 70% in relation to a normal, non-insulated brick wall.

  • Protects against fire
    The fire resistance of SkamoWall Board is classified as the highest requirement level of A1 according to the European Fire Classification System EN 13 501. This means that SkamoWall Board is classified as a non-combustible material.


Insulate from the inside

Unlike traditional internal insulation systems, the SkamoWall system both insulates and eliminates dampness problems in poorly insulated walls.

The unique SkamoWall Board, made of calcium silicate, absorbs moisture. When vented and the correct humidity is present in the basement, the system releases the moisture back into the room as vapor.

SkamoWall is a unique system extremely suitable for inside thermal rehabilitation and when renovating basements.


The complete insulation wall-system

SkamoWall is a complete all in one system for inside insulation. The focal point of the systems is the calcium silicate board SkamoWall Board. The boards must be mounted with the accompanying system-specific products.

Get an improved indoor climate in your basement with the all in one system SkamoWall.


Advantages of the --Skamo--Wall system

  • The boards are easy to carry down the stairs
    SkamoWall Board is extremely lightweight and therefore easy to manage.

  • Basement rooms can be renovated individually
    Mounting SkamoWall is fast and simple. This means that you can easily mount the system in one room at a time.

  • Minimum inconvenience for residents, and no need for moving out of your house during renovation
    Rehousing of residents is practically unnecessary, as the mounting is fast and simple.

  • Sustainable waste management
    The material is made up of natural materials and any waste can be disposed of via the municipal waste disposal.

  • The material is easy to work
    SkamoWall Basic Board can be worked with ordinary hand tools to fit the desired measurements.

  • SkamoWall is screw-friendly
    TVs, radiators, etc. can be mounted by screwing directly into the wall-system. It is recommended to use dowels.

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