Why are the walls in my house so cold?


Often rooms with large outer wall areas can be cold even with the heat turned on. In many cases, poorly insulated walls are the problem, and the solution is inside insulation of internal walls.

We have experienced homes with dampness problems, which have been cold. By mounting SkamoWall Living the residents have experienced a clear improvement of the indoor climate - both in terms of eliminating dampness, and a clear improvement of temperature.


Inside insulation made easy

The SkamoWall Living system is easy and simple to mount. The entire mounting process can easily be done by one person with ordinary hand tools.

SkamoWall Living is also DIY inside wall insulation system. Instructions describing the mounting step-by-step have been made.


A strong internal insulation system

SkamoWall Living is screw-friendly and has great pull-out strength. Important qualities that e.g. makes it possible to install radiators and TV directly on the wall.

SkamoWall Living is a great wall-system for inside insulation of your home. It will make your home warmer and ensure an improved indoor climate. The central piece of these systems is the calcium silicate boards which are capable of absorbing dampness and subsequently as the room is vented and the temperature changes, the moisture emits into the room. SkamoWall Living thus ensures a comfortable indoor climate.

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