Inside wall insulation guide


Insulation of the inside walls can have an impact on your annual heat bills, some things need to be considered before mounting an internal insulation wall-system.

Inside wall insulation with SkamoWall Living involves applying insulation to the internal walls to improve the thermal performance of your room improving the indoor climate, and property in total.

In comparison, inside wall insulation can be an easier and cheaper option than external wall insulation.


Avoiding damp with inside wall insulation

It is necessary to avoid moisture on inside walls if mold development is to be avoided. One of the features of SkamoWall Living is the ability of the SkamoWall Living Board to absorb and containt moisture until the room is vented and the moisture is released back into the room as vapor.


How to prevent dampness

SkamoWall Living is an inside insulation system, which is able to control dampness in your home. Thereby, this system will also eliminate any risks of mold on internal wall. The system is a great thermal insulator, is available in different sizes, which will take up less space in your home after mounting.


Inside insulation made easy

The system-specific products in SkamoWall Living secures an easy and simple mounting:

  • Clean off mold and other materials from the wall.

  • Apply the SkamoWall Living Adhesive on the wall and mount the SkamoWall Living Boards.

  • If necessary, apply the SkamoWall Living Corner and SkamoWall Living Mesh to increase durability at exposed areas.

  • Plaster the wall with the SkamoWall Living Smooth Plaster or SkamoWall Living Structural Plaster.

  • The wall is now ready to be painted.


Can I mount the --Skamo--Wall Living myself?

If you have been asking yourself this question, the answer is YES you can!

SkamoWall Living has been developed for you to be able to mount it yourself. Learn more at the How to page.

This page features system-specific mounting instructions for download and a step-by-step video showing you how to mount SkamoWall Living or SkamoWall Basic in your home.

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