How to get rid of mold and improve indoor climate?


Unfortunately, many people may notice problems with moisture and mold in their homes. SkamoWall Living is a unique inside insulation wall system that solves the problem.

If you clean away mold, it will only disappear temporarily. To remove mold, you must change the conditions of the room, thus eliminating the risk of mold developing. Staying in rooms with mold can cause health problems for both children and adults. This is especially true for people who already have asthma, hay fever or allergies. The reactions to mold may vary, but the symptoms are typically headaches, difficulty concentrating, irritated eyes, fatigue, dizziness, stuffy nose, sore throat and redness or burning skin. We recommend insulating your inside walls with a SkamoWall Living system to avoid moisture and mold for the benefit of indoor climate.

SkamoWall Living is a complete system with system-specific products. The system-specific products ensures an easy and simple mounting process. SkamoWall Living is DIY friendly and can be mounted by one person with common everyday tools. Mounting instructions for each system product and a mounting film are available.

The value of your home increases when mounting SkamoWall Living as inside insulation. You will achieve a better and more comfortable indoor climate - even in the rooms you just use for storage. Also, you are sure that no mold will occur.

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