External insulation


To eliminate cold, damp and mold in the process of thermal rehabilitation of buildings, apartments, houses, etc. can be time-consuming and expensive.

Some of the reasons re-insulation often is time-consuming and expensive, is the solution must be carried out as an exterior renovation of the façade. These types of solutions often lead to:

  • High scaffolding costs
    Setting-up scaffolding for carrying out exterior façade renovation is both costly and inconvenient.

  • Annoying building noise
    Exterior renovations of the façades are noisy. Noise from the workers as they drill, screw and mount on the façades is annoying for residents.

  • Time-consuming renovation process
    The renovation of the façade takes a relatively long time from start to finish. Residents are naturally annoyed by the building work due to the sight of scaffolding and building materials all around them, and the noise.

  • Unhappy residents
    Overall, there is a strong probability that the residents are unhappy with the situation. Complaints regarding workers, noise and other inconveniences will automatically lead to unhappy residents in the building - resulting in extra work for the administration of the property.


The solution to your troubles is inside an insulation system. SkamoWall Living is an inside insulation system developed and produced by Skamol. The system is developed to be easier, simpler, and faster to mount for you.

The challenges of apartments, buildings, and houses with cold and dampness

Older apartment buildings and houses often have out-dated structures. This is especially true in relation to the outer and end walls of the buildings. This is where traditional insulation solutions can often lead to disagreeable consequences for the building and its residents due to poor indoor climate and problems with damp. Damp-related building damage may develop - mold is directly harmful to the health of residents.

With inside insulation, you will be able to avoid the consequences of out-dated structures. With SkamoWall Living, you are able to mount the system directly onto the existing walls and benefit from the qualities of our calcium silicate boards.


This is how it should not be

A poorly insulated wall will often be cold on the inside. When the hot and humid air inside an apartment hits the surface of this cold wall, condensation is formed, and dampness begins to accumulate in the wall.

This results in the wall having three problems:

  • The cold wall makes it uncomfortable to sit against - often you see that sofas and this like are pulled away from the cold wall simply because it is uncomfortable to sit near it.

  • The formation of condensation and the subsequent accumulation of water in the wall creates the perfect environment for the formation of mold.

  • The heat loss caused by the wall is extremely high, as can be seen in your electricity bill.

  • These conditions will have a negative impact on the indoor climate.


Use --Skamo--Wall Living

Insulate from the inside with SkamoWall Living - without any problems and benefit from the qualities of the inside wall insulation system.

Unlike traditional inside insulation solutions, the SkamoWall Living wall-system solves both insulation and dampness problems in poorly insulated walls for the benefit of the indoor climate.

The bearing element of SkamoWall Living system is the SkamoWall Living Board, which is made of calcium silicate. Its unique structure means that it absorbs the moisture that is already in the wall. Once the mounting of the system has been carried out, it will also ensure that any damp from poorly ventilated apartments or rooms will accumulate in the SkamoWall Living Board. Once the correct air humidity is present in the apartment or room, the system will emit the moisture back into the room.

This is unique and makes the SkamoWall Living system extremely suitable for inside insulation.

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