--Skamo--Wall Living


SkamoWall Living is an inside insulation system that can work wonders for your heating bills. SkamoWall Living insulates and improves the indoor climate in your home. This revolutionary system is easy to mount, saving hours of work time, and is it not necessary to re-house during mounting. SkamoWall Living is developed for above basement level use in your home.

Why --Skamo--Wall Living?

SkamoWall Living is a unique inside insulation system for mounting above the basement level. This system is easy to mount, will save you hours of work time, minimizes troubles and is it not necessary to re-house during mounting. The finished insulated walls are strong enough to hold a TV and radiators, and it ensures a better indoor climate by regulating dampness and moisture in your home.


Other --Skamo--Wall Living advantages include

  • A complete system consisting of SkamoWall Living Board and SkamoWall Living system-specific products.

  • The boards are lightweight and thereby easy to carry.

  • The system will significantly reduce your workload.

  • The boards are easy to cut to shape with common work tools.

  • The boards are made from natural materials, calcium silicate, and any debris can be disposed of as standard building materials.

  • SkamoWall Living insulates, regulates moisture, and eliminates mold and fungus.

  • Improves the indoor climate in your home.


SkamoWall Living is a robust insulation system.

Benefit from

Inside insulation



Easy to mount



Improved indoor climate



--Skamo--Wall Living products

The main point of the system is the SkamoWall Living Board. The boards must be mounted with the SkamoWall Living system-specific products. All products needed for mounting SkamoWall Living are included in the system, making the mounting simple and fast. The system-specific include the adhesive, bore, corner, mesh, primer, plasters, and wedge.

How --Skamo--Wall Living works

SkamoWall Living will improve the indoor climate in your home. Moisture and dampness are absorbed in the SkamoWall Living Board made of calcium silicate. When the room is vented, the contained moisture is released back into the room as vapor. Unlike traditional inside insulation solutions, the SkamoWall Living system solves both insulation and dampness problems in poorly insulated walls.

SkamoWall Living Board is available in standard thicknesses, and the insulation values increase along with the board thicknesses. In contrast to other traditional solutions, the SkamoWall Living Board is mounted directly on the wall. By mounting the SkamoWall Living Board on a non-insulated brick wall, you can raise the wall temperature significantly. This, together with SkamoWall Living’s ability to regulate the dampness in the room, will give you an improved indoor climate.

This is unique and makes the SkamoWall Living system the natural choice as inside insulation in rooms above basement floors.

SkamoWall Living absorbs dampness and emits it again when the room is vented.

SkamoWall Living absorbs dampness and emits it again when the room is vented.

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