--Skamo--Wall Basic


From a cold and humid basement to a warm and habitable basement without smells. SkamoWall Basic is the solution if you have issues with damp and mold in basement level. This system regulates dampness, eliminates mold, and improves your basement climate.

Why --Skamo--Wall Basic

SkamoWall Basic is a specially developed insulation system for inside insulation below the ground floor in the basement level. SkamoWall Basic helps regulate moisture, eliminates mold, and creates a healthy and comfortable indoor climate in your basement. This All in one system features the SkamoWall Basic Board and all the system-specific products you need to mount this system in your home.


Other --Skamo--Wall Basic advantages include

  • A well-tested system, mounted in large numbers.

  • A complete system consisting of SkamoWall Basic Board and SkamoWall Basic system-specific products.

  • Fast and easy to mount for one person.

  • Easy to adjust and customize with ordinary hand tools.

  • Will increase basement wall temperatures.

  • Improves the indoor climate in the basement.

  • Ensures a permanent mold removal.

  • An effective inside insulation system.

  • Lightweight material.


SkamoWall Basic is a sturdy basement internal insulation system.



Benefit from

Regulates vapor



Prevents mold



Inside insulation



--Skamo--Wall Basic products

The main point of the system is the SkamoWall Basic Board. The boards must be mounted with the SkamoWall Basic system-specific products. All products needed for mounting SkamoWall Basic are included in the system, making the mounting simple and fast. The system-specific include the adhesive, bore, corner, mesh, primer, plasters, and wedge.

How --Skamo--Wall Basic works

SkamoWall Basic will improve the indoor climate in your basement. Dampness is absorbed in the SkamoWall Basic Board made of calcium silicate. When the room is vented, the contained moisture is released back into the room as vapor. Unlike traditional inside insulation solutions, the SkamoWall Basic system solves both insulation and dampness problems in poorly insulated walls.

This is unique and makes the SkamoWall Basic system very suitable for inside insulation in basement.

SkamoWall Basic absorbs dampness and emits it again when the room is vented.

By mounting the SkamoWall Basic Board on a non-insulated brick wall, you can raise the wall temperature significantly. This, together with SkamoWall Basic’s ability to regulate the damp in the room, will give you an improved indoor climate. SkamoWall Board is available in three standard thicknesses, each with its own insulation properties.

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