--Skamo--Wall references


Skamol is one of the leading specialists in the field of insulation systems. SkamoWall is a well-tested inside insulation system which been mounted in large numbers. Click through our references to have new ideas and see some of the installations made with SkamoWall.

--Skamo--Wall references

Click through our catalog of SkamoWall references.

We have supplied the building industry with effective and reliable insulation systems and system-specific products for decades. Thereby, solved insulation challenges for both public, professional and private builders and project owners. We have a wide range of references for various types of construction and reconstructions. Some projects were finalized during a day, while others were long-term projects. Below you can see a selection of the projects where Skamol has delivered the SkamoWall inside insulation system.

Why do we have returning customers:

  • SkamoWall is a simple and effective inside insulation system.

  • High quality systems and products delivered on time.

  • The expectations to the system are met before, during and after mounting.

  • A polite contact person who guides you.


Click through the SkamoWall references to get some inspiration on how SkamoWall can help you solve indoor climate problems in your basement.

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