How to mount --Skamo--Wall Living and --Skamo--Wall Basic


Proper mounting is essential to the quality of your SkamoWall Living and SkamoWall Basic insulation project. Therefore, we have created a simple and easy-to-understand SkamoWall Living and SkamoWall Basic mounting instruction that will make your work easy and fast. This guide will help you master the mounting process in any room - simple and efficient. The mounting instruction is the same for SkamoWall Living and SkamoWall Basic.

How to

Whether you’re mounting SkamoWall Basic or SkamoWall Living the handling and the mounting procedure is the same. Both insulation systems are easy and fast to handle and mount.

Learn how to mount SkamoWall systems yourself. Watch the video to see a step-by-step mounting instruction of SkamoWall Living. The same mounting procedure is applicable for mounting SkamoWall Basic in a basement.

Step-by-step mounting guide

This presents the step-by-step mounting guide of the SkamoWall Living.

The same procedure is applicable for SkamoWall Basic.


Step 1: Prepare the wall if necessary
In case of mould use a biocide to clean the surface.

Step 2: Even out the wall
Unevennesses on the wall should be no more than 15mm.
SkamoWall Living Adhesive can be used.

Step 3: Apply SkamoWall Living Adhesive to the wall
Use a notched trowel.

Step 4: Mount SkamoWall Living Boards
The boards must be fully-bonded.
Adhesive must be applied to edges adjoining other boards.

Step 5: Where necessary, easily cut SkamoWall Living Boards to shape
Use common tools.

Step 6: Treat boards with SkamoWall Living Primer

Step 7: Fill joints, then skim the wall with plaster
Choose between SkamoWall Living Smooth Plaster and
SkamoWall Living Structural Plaster.
Use the chosen plaster to fill joints.
The wall is ready for painting!

The SkamoWall Living and SkamoWall Basic systems are applicable as inside insulation on walls of:

  • Leca concrete
  • Aerated concrete
  • Tile

… and every other types of inorganic walls.

Tools for mounting

Brick trowel


Folding ruler

Hand saw

Paint roller

Plaster trowel

Power drill


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