SkamoWall – a calcium silicate board with various advantages

SkamoWall Board is made from calcium silicate. With its obvious advantages, its applicability and use is of benefit in various situations:

Modvirker skimmelsvamp

Neutralizes mold

SkamoWall absorbs damp and emits it again, making it resistant to mold growth.

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God isoleringsværdi

Exceptional insulation value

You reach an exceptional insulation value, by avoiding damp and mold, as the boards have a lambda-value (λ) on 0,068.

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According to the European Fire Classification System EN 13501l, SkamoWall has the highest fire classification.

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Hurtig montage

Fast mounting

SkamoWall fast and simple to mount.

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Nem at bearbejde

Easy to cut and shape

The boards are easy to cut and shape using simple hand tools.

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Screw holding capabilities

​SkamoWall Board has screw holding capabilities and requires no additional wall plugs for light weight fittings.

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