SkamoWall – an interior insulation system made from calcium silicate boards

Vægsystem til indvendig isolering baseret på kalciumsilikat-plader


SkamoWall is a complete system for interior insulation. The key features for SkamoWall's system is that is it made from calcium silicate which has unique properties. Additional products such as biocides, adhersives, plasters and paints enable you to produce the perfect wall.

  • SkamoWall Biocide

    Mold remover
    Use biocidal products with caution. Read the label and the information relating to the product before use.

  • SkamoWall Adhesive


  • SkamoWall Board

    The board. Learn more about the production data

  • SkamoWall Primer


  • SkamoWall Smooth/Structural Plaster


  • Painted surface

    Diffusion-open paint (optional)

  • SkamoWall Corner

    Corner protection

  • SkamoWall Mesh

    Mesh reionforcement

SkamoWall er et komplet system til indvendig isolering