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SkamoWall has been used in Germany for over 20 years. In this time, SkamoWall has proved to be a ground-breaking system, as it is able to control damp and mold.


The Danish States Building Institute writes in their SB240 regulation:

"Opposite to the traditional solutions, calcium silicate boards are able to absorb damp from the indoor climate, which can diffuce through the material. The material's capillary condensation quality enables that damp is drawn towards the indoor climate again, as the water move towards the dry parts of the material. Now, the water is able to evaporate towards the room, untill a state of equilibrium is secured where the surface is dry"


SkamoWall Board – the board unaffected by mold

We have not recorded any issues with mold after the mounting of SkamoWall.

In 2015, the Danish Technological Institute tested the system's ability to prevent mold.


Read the full report here – click here

SkamoWall Board påvirkes ikke af skimmelsvamp

Insulating properties

SkamoWall has an excellent insulating properties. What is important to note is that, SkamoWall cannot be compared with other traditional insulation solutions.

SkamoWall Board 25mm
Lambda-value ( λ ) 0,068 W/(mK)
Heat resistance ( R ) 0,379 m2K/w
U-value ( U ) 2,64 W/m2K
SkamoWall Board 50 mm
Lambda-value ( λ ) 0,068 W/(mK)
Heat resistance ( R ) 0,758 m2K/w
U-value( U ) 1,32 W/m2K
SkamoWall Board 100 mm
Lambda-value ( λ ) 0,068 W/(mK)
Heat resistance ( R ) 1,515 m2K/w
U-value ( U ) 0,66 W/m2K

Screw test of SkamoWall

Depending on the thickness of the SkamoWall Board, you can mount 3 to 25 kg per screw.

To increase the weight each screw can hold, you can screw through the SkamoWall Board and in to the wall. See the full report here.

SkamoWall Board 25mm
Using a 3.0 × 25 screw with dowel
Anchor depth  Min. 20 mm
Weigth 3 kg
SkamoWall Board 50mm
Using a 4.5 × 50 screw with dowel
Anchor depth  Min. 45 mm
Weigth 15 kg
SkamoWall Board 100mm
Using a 8.0 × 85 screw with dowel
Anchor depth  Min. 80 mm
Weigth 25 kg


According to the European Fire Classification System (EN 13501 based on CEN/TC 127„Specific fire”) EU-Norm), SkamoWall is A1 fire-resistant.


Product data

SkamoWall Board is 100% Danish developed and is made from the intense absorbent material calcium silicate. This makes the board diffusion-open, enabeling it to regulate damp. SkamoWall Board absorbs and emits damp under controlled conditions.


SkamoWall has a high capillary effect, which indicates that damp is moved from the cold side side of the wall to the heated side, whereto the damp evaporates in the room. The material composition generates the excellent capillary effect, providing SkamoWall with various advantages.

Download the product data sheet for SkamoWall Board

Length × width × depth
1.000 × 610 mm × 25/50/100 mm
1.220 × 1.000 mm × 25/50/100 mm
Length og width: +/- 2,5 mm (0,10")
Depth: +/- 1,5 mm (0,06")

SkamoWall Board optager og afgiver fugt under regulerede forhold