A system for interior insulation and mold control; a refined indoor climate

SkamoWall is a new and ground-breaking insulation system, with insulation boards for interior insulation. The system's insulation boards are made from calcium silicate, and is damp regulating and protects against mold.  This is specifically suitable for the following rooms:

  • Rooms with a fluctuating temperature
  • Humid rooms, where damp and condensation easier occurs, such as bathrooms
  • Rooms with exterior walls, where thermal bridges and mold easier occurs, such as tower blocks with room seperation

Bedre indeklima i din bolig

The wall that regulates damp

Fugten trænger ind i væggenOver time, in a traditional solution, damp will penetrate the wall and produce mold.

Fugten optages i SkamoWall BoardWhen SkamoWall Board is mounted on the wall, it is able to absorb damp and emit it again in a controlled amount. SkamoWall Board absorbs damp due to its  high capillary value.

SkamoWall kan anvendes som indvendig isoleringSkamoWall is suitable as an interior insulation on walls of bricks, aerated concrete, leca concrete and almost other types of walls - except wood.

Ensures excellent room ventilation

God rum-ventilation

SkamoWall Board is made from calcium silicate, and has unique properties. SkamoWall Board is able to absorb and emit damp, when the temperature in the room changes.


In contrast to other traditional solutions, these calcium silicate boards absorb damp from the indoor climate, diffussing through the material. When the content of damp in the material increaces, capillary evaporation occurs on the exterior wall. If warter is ingressing from outside the material's capillary qualities force damp out into the room again, as the water moves towards the dry parts of the material. The water will then evaporate out into the room, untill a state of equilibrium occurs where the surface is dry once again.


Therefore, it is important for humidity control that the room is correctly ventilated, in order for the air to be renewed. Usually this is through adventitous ventilation, air vents in the walls and windows, or by mechanical means.

SkamoWall is suitable for both renovation and new installations

Velegnet til både renovering og nybygning

SkamoWall shows its unique advantages, attained in rooms with temperature differences.

  • Wet room

    Issues with high humidity and temperature differences.

  • End-wall

    Where thermal bridges, damp and mold often occur.

  • Common room

    Tendency to a lack of ventilation, which entails damp and issues with mold.

  • Basement wall

    Where damp and mold creates issues, as damp is not transported out of the room.