A system for interior insulation and mold control

Pull the arrow side to side to see the differences between a damp basement and a habitable basement lined with SkamoWall.


Lun og anvendelig
Kælderkold og fugtig


Improved indoor climate:
From a humid basement temperature to a warm and habitable basement

SkamoWall is the solution for those who have issues with damp and mold. This is the intelligent insulation system controlling damp and mold, while making your rooms fully habitable again. Following shows the unique advantages SkamoWall offers:

  • Damp regulating
  • Protects against fire - A1 fireproofed
  • Exceptional insulation value
  • Easy and fast mounting

At the same time, you achieve a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.


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Damp regulating

Bekæmper skimmel

Mold control

Høj isoleringsværdi

High insulation value

Beskytter mod brand

Fire protective

SkamoWall is a simple and reliable bulding system

SkamoWall is a system solution consisting of SkamoWall Board as the central system. SkamoWall Board is made from calcium silicate. The mounting of SkamoWall is simple. Just watch this video and notice how simple the system is mounted on a flat surface. The mounting process is as following:

  • Clean off mold and other materials from the wall
  • Apply SkamoWall Adhesive on the wall and mount SkamoWall Board
  • If necessary, apply SkamoWall Corner and SkamoWall Mesh
  • Plaster the wall - now you are ready to paint

Watch the video and experience how simple and fast you can mount the system.

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Hvad er skimmelsvamp og hvor farligt er det?

Mold - what is it and how dangerous is it?

Unfortunately, a large amount of people can relate to the issue of experincing damp and mold in their homes. This is often seen in basements and other wet rooms. Until now, it has not been possible to create a product that can renovate your basement with an efficient re-insulation system. However, SkamoWall, by Skamol, serves as a unique system for the interior insulation of your basement.


Not only are you removing mold, you are also preventing it from occuring again. Mold does not damage your health immediately. However, if you stay in a room with mold for long periods of time, your health is likely to be affected. This especially includes people with asthma, hay fever or other allergies. The reactions to mold vary, but the symptoms are typically headache, difficult to concentrate, irritated eyes, tiredness, dizziness, blocked nose, sore throat and reddening or burning skin.


Germany has utilized this system for more than 20 years, and they have observed that issues with damp and mold have been eliminated after mounting SkamoWall. This is a clear demonstration of the system's effectiveness.


Your basement becomes more useful when you apply Skamowall as the interior insulation. You achieve a more pleasant and comfortable indoor climate; even in rooms only used for storage. Moreover, you are certain to have removed any mold issue completely.

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